The Loch Long One Design










Description:                             Wooden, sloop rigged keelboat
Designed by:                             James Croll, 1937
Handicap: (Alde)                    1176
Boats registered:                    sixty three (2016)
Length:                                       6400mm
Beam:                                             875mm
Draft:                                             588mm
Displacement:                             544kg
Sail Area:                          Main     14m2
.                                                Jib       4m2
 .                                Spinnaker      17m2



The first five Loch Longs were presented to the world on George VI’s Coronation Day, Wednesday May 12th 1937.They were built from oregon pine on elm timbers by Robert Colquhoun of Dunoon and proved to be a star attraction at the Cove and Kilcreggan regatta organised to honour the new king.

Clyde 2015 2

At a cost of £66 they were in the league of a sailor on the tightest of budgets, the same holds true today with rules that strictly limit expenditure and rigging variations, perhaps one, but certainly not the only reason that the Loch Long has thrived for so long and still competes in races on the Clyde and also at Aldeburgh in Suffolk.

The origins of the first design can be traced back to 1936, when the Loch Long Sailing Club looked for a one design to replace their fleet of handicap dinghies. A Mr Ian D. Campbell came back from Scandinavia with a likely candidate in mind, the Stjarnbat, designed by Janne Jacobsson in 1913, before the First World War. However, the craft wasn’t deemed suitable until James Croll had worked on the plans and came up with the first design Loch Long. Colquhoun of Dunoon was commissioned to supply the first five boats with Croll providing all the finance.

Gothenburg GKSS Stjerbat Centenary

Gothenburg GKSS Stjernbat Centenary 2013

Today the Loch Long One Design is regularly raced on the Clyde and 500 miles away on the Alde in Suffolk.

RYS Cowes 2015

The home and heart of the Loch Long One Design is Cove Sailing Club, situated on the Rosneath Peninsular, Argyll and Bute. Each year Loch Long Week (for the Clyde Cup) is hosted by the club except every third year Aldeburgh Yacht Club has the honour.

AYC car park

Travelling, the Loch Longs are towed annually to and from Scotland for Loch Long Week on the Clyde and the Alde; they have often raced at Cowes Classics Week on the Solent and once in Brittany at the Semaine du Golfe the classic festival of sail. In Jue 2017 will see boats travelling to Gravedona on Lake Como in Italy.


Cowes 2016 1

To learn more about the Loch Long One Design and it’s history there are three books available to purchase:-

Loch Longs – The First 50 Years
Researched by John Mcmurtrie, edited by Ruth Wishart – Price £10 from the Secretary
Loch Longs – The Third Quarter Century 1987–2012
Jamie Bruce-Lockhart - Price £15 from the Secretary
Aldeburgh Loch Longs50 years on the River Alde, a record of the Loch Long class at Aldeburgh Yacht Club 1962–2012
Jamie Bruce-Lockhart - Price £10 available from the Secretary’s Office, AYC


The LLODOA Committee:-
Commodore                                                  David Sprake, AYC
Vice Commodore                                         John McNeilage CSC
Treasurer                                                       Mark Bradshaw CSC
Cove Fleet Representative                        Alan DeVenny CSC
Alde Fleet Representative                        Simon Fulford AYC
Gourock Representative                           Iain Harris RGYC
Secretary                                                        Binnie - Jonathan Evans AYC

2012 saw the 75th anniversary of the Loch Long and the celebrations were exceptional. Sail-pasts took place on the Clyde and at Aldeburgh and even the Queen Victoria Cup (courtesy of RLYC) was raced for at Cowes Classic Week. Sailpasts were held on the Clyde and the Alde. The videos are posted on YouTube courtesy of Thomas Dolby.

LLOD 75th Anniversary Sailpast AYC

LLOD 75th Anniversary Sailpast CSC

Picture Post featured an article about sailing Loch Longs in July 1955. The glamour has not been lost. Click on each page below to open the pages.
Beau Geste 2nd in Clyde Regatta 2015
Dunoon Observer September_11 copy